Uniting Church in Australia
Campbelltown Parish
Come to Worship God –
Go to Serve Others with Jesus

Sunday 28th November 2021

A warm welcome to all who are worshipping with us today. 

Please join us for a chat and seated only refreshments in the hall after the service.



THIS WEEK: Sunday 21st November First Sunday of Advent Colour: Purple
10.00am Morning Worship Reverend Rebecca Purling
10.00am Sunday School
Lessons Jer 33:14-16 Ps 25:1-10
1Thes 3:9-13 Lk 21:25-36
NEXT WEEK: Sunday 5th December Second Sunday of Advent Colour: Purple
10.00am Morning Worship Reverend Rebecca Purling
10.00am Sunday School
Lessons Mal 3:1-4 Lk 1:68-79
Phil 1:3-11 Lk 3 :1-6


Covid -19 Marshalls for Worship: Andrew E… and Peter S…

Covid -19 Marshal for Drop-In: Aniko W…

Level 1 restrictions
• 3/4 density (for seated activities)
• Seated food and beverage consumption indoors
• Masks for shared indoor public places
• Singing is permitted but when a person is singing indoors, they
must wear a mask.
SA Health and local councils are now monitoring COVID-19


Hopeful Waiting, Active Trust

Nurturing Faith and Spirituality at Home
Come to Worship God
Go to Serve with Jesus

This Advent, we wait and prepare for the Christ to be born anew into our world.
In times together and times apart, we celebrate God with us.
From the Latin word meaning “coming,” Advent blends the anticipation of God’s reign coming in fullness with the anticipation of the coming Messiah. Our waiting is not passive but a time when hope is turned into action.
This week, with Jeremiah’s promise of a “righteous branch,” and with our eyes focused on God’s reign breaking forth in the world, we begin Advent in anticipation and hope.
Hope Amid Present Difficulties – Jeremiah 33:14–16
About 2,500 years ago, the prophet Jeremiah spoke of God’s reign of justice and peace, but we are still waiting for that to come. Prophets like Jeremiah didn’t talk so much about a future time. Instead, they named the realities of their own time, the sins and injustices of a nation and its people, and the inevitable consequences of those behaviours. Most of the book of Jeremiah is gloomy, but this passage is different – it offers hope.
We need people who will point out the things that are awful in our world and who will name the evils that create them. But we also need those whose actions give us the promise of hope, so we can make it through the present and have something to live towards.
God of all,
as we await the fullness of your reign,
may we stay faithful, strong in hope,
and active in service. Amen.


Dianne and David F… 8337 … diannne…@internode.on.net
or place items in the vestry drawer marked “Newsletter” by 7pm Wednesday please.



607 Lower North East Road, Campbelltown SA 5074 or PO Box 547 Campbelltown SA 5074

Website: http://campbelltown.ucasa.org.au

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com

Minister: Rev. Rebecca Purling 0407 993 526


Church Council:

Chairperson: Lynn McEwing 8336 5783

Treasurer: Elizabeth Maier 8336 4829 Email: cuctreasurer@gmail.com

Property: Grant McEwing 8336 5783

Secretary: Rosemary Sargeant 0412 141 442

Church Office: Open Tuesdays and Wednesdays 10.00am – 11.00 am only.


Worshiping in ONE space

The Church Council discussed the current restriction around Covid and how they apply to our worshipping community. We believe we can gather in one place, in the church building for worship, starting on Sunday 14 November. We will still be required to wear masks and check in.

Advent Studies

In the lead up to Christmas an Advent Study will be offered, it is called ‘Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today and forever: Finding hope and strength in trying times’. There are four studies in the booklet, which cost $12:95. If you are interested in joining a group please speak to Rebecca.

About Advent and Epiphany

Advent is a reminder that we live in the now and not yet time. From the Latin word meaning “coming,” Advent blends the anticipation of God’s reign coming in fullness with the anticipation of the coming Messiah. This year, Advent begins with the word of hope from the prophet Jeremiah to a people living in a world of chaos, injustice, oppression, and violence.

We listen to other prophets’ voices, including Zechariah, John the baptizer, Mary and Elizabeth. Prophetic voices that bring both challenge and the promise of calm, unity, hope, and possibilities. And we wait and prepare for the Christ to be born anew into a hurting, needing world. This is not passive waiting, but a time when hope is turned into action.

The 12 days of Christmas begins with the birth of Jesus, the long-awaited one who makes justice and peace real, and a call to all Creation to praise God. The 12 days conclude with the magi’s story, their pilgrimage to a foreign land and a holy encounter that takes them in a new direction.
During the Season after the Epiphany, we watch and listen to Jesus in the synagogue, on the plain, by the shore, and on the roads of Galilee as he proclaims recovery and liberation; and we are encouraged to strive, live, grow, and be the people God intends.

Advent: Something is coming

During Advent we will create and decorate a Jesse Tree. Household are invited to build their own Jesses Tree display at home using a resource pack provided by Rebecca. There are some available today, if you would like to join in please let Rebecca know so the new resources can be distributed to you each week.



We are conducting a raffle, prize of an assortment of jams and chutneys donated by Zonta International in appreciation of the jam jars donated by our congregation. Monies raised will go to the church. Tickets $1 each will be on sale in the porch and then hall after church today, until raffle drawn at morning tea today, see Janice or Libby.


Evening Fellowship has compiled the recipes kindly supplied by members of the church into a book. These are now available from Alison Warren or Libby M… $10 for one copy or $15 for 2 copies, a great gift idea. Thank you for your purchases of this book. $520.00 has been raised to date, proceeds to the church.


Quilters Uniting

The next meeting of Quilters Uniting will be Monday 6 th December, our last for the year, in the side hall.


The Christmas luncheon will be held on Thursday 16th December. Please arrive at 11.30 to be served at 12 noon. Unlike every other week of the year, this luncheon is BOOK IN not DROP IN. Aniko will have the registration sheet ready by next Thursday. Please register and pay your $12.00 for your lunch by Thursday 2nd December. We look forward to seeing you there. Aniko and Jenny

Church Door Roster

Thank you to all who have stood at the Church Hall or Doors to welcome people to our Church Services each Sunday ( when there were no restrictions) Anyone not wishing to continue or wanting to be put on this roster please inform Elizabeth (Libby) M…

Choir is Back!

We will have a couple of practices ( in Masks ) so that the choir can sing and introit and Anthem through Advent. The first will be Thursday 25 th November at 7.30 am in the church. If you are interested see Alison W…


No hampers ordered this year, but, like last year, we will send a donation directly to Foodbank to help them provide the needy with food. Donations can be given to Alison W… or placed in an envelope labelled “foodbank” in the collection boxes.

Handmade Fabric Masks in Christmas prints.

These are available for sale today and during Advent for $5 each. See Carolyn H… or Sue A… Proceeds to the Church. Let’s brighten up our mask wearing if masks we must wear to our Christmas events.

Christmas Carols at Thorndon Park.

Campbelltown City Council is organizing a community carols night on Saturday 4th December 6.30 – 8.30 pm.


Sunday 5th Dec 2- 4 pm, see the refurbished house carried out by council and the Historical Society. Afternoon tea, Gold coin donation.